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3 Ways to use Artichoke Pesto

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I’ve eaten artichokes, and I’ve tossed pasta in pesto sauce; but, when these two gems are mixed together, there are endless possibilities for fun new dishes. Get inspired with some of my favorite ways to use the full-flavored combination of the Artichoke Pesto.

1. Spread it on fresh baguette
Add a little fun to the old bread & spread, and slather on a generous amount of this delicious mix on crispy, freshly cut & grilled baguette ! Great for an apéritif or if you’re just rushing out the door.

2. Stuffing for homemade ravioli
Give your homemade ravioli a burst of bold flavor by filling them with Artichoke Pesto. Then take it a step further by topping with olive oil and grated parmigiano.

3. Make a Coppa Sandwich Italian style
Upgrade your regular meat sandwich by layering on this rich spread. The smooth, buttery taste of artichokes pairs perfectly with your favorite cold cured meat (such as Coppa!).

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Julia was born in Vietnam and has been in San Francisco for 12 years. She developed a love for different foods through her travels and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the best local and global eateries. In her free time, she likes to unwind at home with a book and some music.

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