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Bon Appétit Box makes it convenient and fun to experience authentic French dining traditions! Try our Single Bon Appétit Boxes or our Subscription Bon Appétit Boxes, or delight the foodies in your life with the Gift of Bon Appétit Box (single gift boxes and subscription gift boxes available).


Your French gourmet food experts, select the best products from their homeland of France. Bon Appétit Box brings authentic French tradition to the US, for you to experience and enjoy.


Bon Appétit Box offers both single and subscription boxes. You can mix and match and customize your French experience! Our boxes also make great, unique gifts with multiple shipping options and gift messaging features.


Savor the genuine flavors and culture of France, from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Share with friends and family or keep it all for yourself! Either way, you're sure to relish this purely French gourmet experience.


Bon Appétit Box allows you to experience a true and authentic French gourmet dining experience without the need for your passport!

Each Bon Appétit Box is painstakingly curated by avid gourmands, and consists of only the finest French artisan goodies. Within your Bon Appétit Box, you will find 7-8 scrumptious gourmet items perfect for sharing, or exploring different combinations and tastes. From sweet to savory, there’s something for everyone, and we’re sure your Bon Appétit Box will impress even the most discerning foodies.

The French gourmet experience is more than just savoring these delicious foods

The French culture is well-known for its passion for food and propensity for high quality, which dates back millennia. As such, certain dining customs have developed that are unique to the French, and that augment your Bon Appétit Box experience. Inside each Bon Appétit Box, you will find a collection of Explanation Cards & Discovery Cards that describe the special characteristics of each item, as well as their origins, craftsmen, anecdotes, and tips to enjoy each specialty just as the French customarily do. If you’re feeling adventurous or just want the truest French gourmet experience, simply follow these easy tips, explore, and enjoy!

All Bon Appétit Boxes include a lovely, reusable souvenir box and a complimentary mailable postcard depicting the region of France where the foods within originated.


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