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Get to know our French Artisans – The Edmond Fallot Mustard Mill

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If you loved the old-fashioned Dijon Mustard and the Cornichons from our Paris Apéritif Box, you will love discovering more about Edmond Fallot, the French artisan who makes these tasteful condiments. Read our exclusive interview and learn more about the oldest Mustard Mill in Burgundy, France.

What is the story of Edmond Fallot Mustard Mill? 
Created in 1840, and bought by Edmond Fallot himself in 1928, the mustard factory is the most renowned in France. Indeed, Edmond Fallot is the last independent and family mustard mill in Burgundy. The tradition is kept alive by Marc Désarmenien, third Fallot generation who makes the products today, preserving the same unicity and excellence.

What is the specificity of Burgundy mustard seeds? 
The historical Burgundy area, east-central France, is the best region to create savory and pungent mustards! Around Dijon, the soil is moist and rich in organic material, which makes it ideal to cultivate strong and tastty grains. The Edmond Fallot mustard is manufactured from locally grown seeds combined with good quality French wine.

What is the Fallot family secret to creating their condiments?
All the Fallot mustards are created with the ancestral technique of millstone grinding. Mustard paste is extremely sensitive to heat so this method is essential to preserve the unique, delicate and strong taste of the mustard. In Burgundy, Edmond Fallot’s grandson is the last one who maintains the same scrupulous care thanks to this ancestral mustard tradition.

What is the difference between the Fallot mustards and those we have in supermarkets?
The use of the millstone grinding technique is necessaryl to produce artisanal mustards. The quality and origin of the ingredients selected are also a top priority for the family business: black mustard seeds, wine, salt and spices. As a culinary Chef, Edmond Fallot’s heir combines the finest flavors and textures to create the most artisanal and delectable condiments.

Does the Fallot family have an anecdote to share with us?
The Fallot family has always been attracted to America. Recently, they have decided to develop an exclusive and new recipe inspired by California. This mustard preparation combines the French authentic Dijon mustard recipe with the delicious Pinot Noir from Napa Valley. This beautiful and luscious purple mustard is the perfect combination of two amazing wine-producing regions.

Here are some delicious recipes including Fallot mustard: the traditional Quiche Lorraine, the perfect Charcuterie platter, and the easiest Vinaigrette.

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