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French Chesnut Spread in the pantry of Bon Appétit Box

Chestnut Spread

A luxurious spread made by slowly cooking French chestnuts with sugar and vanilla, providing an irresistibly smooth texture and an authentic chestnut taste.

Since 1882 Clément Faugier has seduced the French palate with its emblematic and perfectly balanced Chestnut Spread. Made without the use of any artificial additives, the company’s traditional production processes ensure respect of the flavor and nutritive quality of the chestnuts.

A word from the artisan – “This exquisite chestnut delicacy is commonly spread on toast or a croissant for breakfast, but can be enjoyed in various delightful ways! Give a new twist to your desserts and use it as a sweet topping for yogurt or vanilla ice cream.”

Made in France

Weight: 2.75 oz

Ingredients: chestnut, sugar, candied marrons, glucose syrup, water, vanilla natural essence.

Find it back in the French Breakfast Box.