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French Pure Butter Waffles available exclusively at Bon Appétit Box

Pure Butter Waffles

These sweet, buttery, thin, and crispy waffles are a delightful Northern French specialty.

The Biscuiterie Dunkerquoise was founded in 1904 by pastry chef Louis Preneel in a French seaside resort, Malo-Les-Bains, in the North of France. He quickly became well known for these delicious Flemish waffles, and today, Preneel’s descendants continue to bake authentic French cookies.

A word from the artisan– “These exquisite light Pure Butter Waffles are delightful dipped into tea or coffee. The Pure Butter Waffles can be enjoyed alone, but they will taste like a dream with ice cream.”

Made in France

Weight: 5.29 oz

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, butter (milk), eggs, salt, may contain traces of almonds

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