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Périgord Duck Rillettes available at Bon Appétit Box gourmet French boxes
Périgord Duck Rillettes

Périgord Duck Rillettes

These Rillettes are a tasteful combination of shredded duck breast meat, white wine, and aromatic herbs. The slow cooking process, inherited from previous generations, allows the meat to become tender and succulent, making this confit-style spread irresistible!

Rougié was founded in 1875 in the beautiful Périgord region, in a small medieval town called Sarlat. Its expertise has been passed through generations, making the brand a staple favorite within French epicurean culture. With emphasis on quality, and the tradition of farm-raising, Rougié continues honoring the family’s authentic, excellent recipes.

Artisan advice – “Enjoy these Rillettes with Onions Confit for a delicious blend of sweet and savory. Looking for a more classic experience? Try the traditional pairing of creamy Rillettes with crunchy Cornichons.”

Made in Canada

Weight: 2.8oz

Ingredients: Duck, water, toasted wheat crumbs, white wine, salt, garlic, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

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