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French Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread at Bon Appétit Box

Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread

With its appetizing color, this Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread is prepared exclusively with all-natural ingredients. The key to this spread is the richness and sweetness of the chocolate that pairs perfectly with the toasty and earthy flavor of the hazelnut.

Tucked into a small village by the orchards and vineyards of Languedoc-Roussillon (South of France), Chef Bernard Le Gulvout creates exclusive and flavorful spreads made from the freshest ingredients. The family-run business uses the same old recipes, still cooking its delicacies in traditional copper cauldrons, ensuring the best taste and quality.

Artisan advice – “From dessert toppings to baking, possibilities are endless; Spread this chocolatey goodness onto bread, sliced apple or ice cream.”

Made in France

Weight: 7.4oz

Ingredients: White Chocolate (30%), Water, Praline (26%), Cane Sugar, Chopped Hazelnuts

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