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Artichoke Pesto in the pantry at Bon Appétit Box

Artichoke Pesto

This chopped Artichoke Pesto delicately captures the elegance of the tasteful vegetable. Slightly spiced, the pesto magnifies the artichoke, revealing notes of hazelnut and the refinement of its juicy heart.

Tucked into a small village by the orchards and vineyards of Languedoc-Roussillon (South of France), Chef Bernard Le Gulvout creates exclusive and flavorful spreads made from the freshest ingredients. The family-run business uses the same old recipes, still cooking its delicacies in traditional copper cauldrons, ensuring the best taste and quality.

Artisan advice – “Enjoy it chilled, spread on bread just before serving, or use as a sumptuous homemade ravioli filling.”

Made in France

Weight: 7.4oz

Ingredients: artichokes 70%, sunflower oil, garlic 4%, salt, acidifying agent: lactic acid, pepper.

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