French Artisans



The Anis de Flavigny originated during the Roman era, when a traveler brought the aniseed to France. During the 8th century, monks in the Flavigny abbey conceived the idea of covering the seed with sugar. Today, in the very same abbey, 30 passionate confectioners continue to preserve this unique preparation, which has been passed down through generations.

  • Mint Candy

Prepared for centuries by pouring warm sugar syrup on an anise seed, these delightful sweets are flavored with natural mint extract. These delicious candies serve as a refreshing treat during the day, or to end a meal with elegance.

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In 1982, Bernard Le Gulvout, a renowned artisan jam-maker, settled in Languedoc-Roussillon to create his exclusive and flavorful products. Today, l’Épicurien offers authentic culinary delights that stem from this unparalleled expertise. The family-run business uses only fresh vegetables to create their tasty delicacies, ensuring the best taste and quality.

  • Eggplant & Red Pepper Bruschetta

From its creamy texture, to its warm and mildly spicy flavor, everything about this rich medley says Provence! Spread generously on toast during the Apéritif time, or cap a fresh fish fillet to spice up your dish.

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Rougié was founded in 1875, in a small medieval town called Sarlat, in the beautiful Périgord region. Rougié’s expertise has been passed through generations, making the brand a staple favorite within French epicurean culture. With emphasis on quality, and the tradition of farm-raising, Rougié continues honoring the family’s authentic, excellent recipes.

  • Périgord Duck Rillettes

Enjoy this gourmet meat delicacy chilled with Onions Confit for a delicious blend of sweet and savory. Or try the traditional French pairing of creamy rillettes with crunchy cornichons.

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