About Bon Appétit Box

What is Bon Appétit Box??

Bon Appétit Box is an exclusive, gourmet food delivery service offering both single boxes and convenient subscription boxes. Our carefully curated boxes brim with delicacies from the heart of France’s most coveted foodie regions, and offer the purest French culinary experience this side of the Atlantic.

We founded Bon Appétit Box to create a joyous and original à la Française experience, via our scrumptious gourmet selections. We invite you to explore, discover, and relish the delights within our carefully curated boxes, and allow yourself to be virtually transported to France!

Bon Appétit Box also makes the perfect gift for the discerning and adventurous foodie. Our website was created with the intent of making the gift-giving process quick, easy, and painless. We offer unique services to enhance your gift boxes, such as Gift Message Cards, Purchase Certificates, and direct shipping to you recipient(s). For more information on our Gift Boxes, please view the GIFT page.

What's inside a Bon Appétit Box??

Each Bon Appétit Box is composed of 7 to 8 gourmet products, painstakingly selected by your two French experts, Zoé and Bertrand. To enhance your French experience, our boxes are filled with several cards revealing the story behind each product: origins, craftsmen, anecdotes and tasting tips.

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Where do the products come from??

The individual products within each Bon Appétit Box are from genuine French culinary masters. As is common with French food makers, many of the companies represented in our Bon Appétit Boxes have existed for generations and bring an unparalleled level of authenticity and richness of flavor. These French Artisans focus on quality, natural ingredients (usually locally-sourced), exquisite taste, and the adherence to traditional recipes.

Within each Bon Appétit Box, we’ve included Discovery Cards with origin details of each product and artisan maker.

You’re sure to experience something new with our purely French Bon Appétit Boxes


What is the difference between Our Boxes & Gift??

Purchase for You:

Our Boxes are single and convenient subscription boxes meant to purchase for yourself. You can mix and match, select sweet or savory boxes, or try them all!

Purchase for a Lucky Somebody:

Our Gift products include special features to simplify and enhance the gift-giving process. You can purchase single or subscription boxes as gifts, and optionally have them shipped directly to your recipients. We also offer in-box Gift Message Cards, and unique Purchase Certificates (described below).

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How do Subscription Boxes work??

In addition to Single Boxes, Bon Appétit Box offers convenient Subscription Boxes for both personal and gift purchasing.

How it Works:

To simplify the subscription process, we’ve eliminated inconvenient monthly payment programs and cancellation requirements. You simply choose the duration of your subscription, and your first box is shipped within 48 hours of placing your order. Then 30 days later, we ship your second box, and so forth until your subscription has expired. No need for annoying membership confirmation, no automatic renewals or charges, and no cancellation requirement!

With our Subscription Boxes, you choose which box you’d like to try each month. Be sure to explore What’s in the Box before you purchase so you can custom tailor your experience to your taste.

Gift Subscriptions:

That’s right, we offer the unique ability to give your loved ones the Gift of a Bon Appétit Box Subscription. Naturally, you’ll likely want your Gift Subscription Boxes shipped directly to your recipients, and we make it super easy to do just that. On each Gift product page, you have the option of entering a specific shipping address just for that product. This allows you to do all your gift shopping in one convenient checkout and, best of all, you don’t even need to worry about delivery! We also offer in-box Gift Message Cards, and Printable Purchase Certificates.

For more details about our Gift Subscriptions and the features and options included, please see the GIFT BOXES section below.

Can I place large orders for corporate gifting or special events? ?

Sure, we’d be happy to discuss your specific needs. Please contact us via our Contact Page  or email us at corporategifting@bonappetitbox.com, with a brief description, and we’ll contact you right away to discuss.

How the items from the Pantry will ship? ?

All the products from the Pantry section will ship in a standard shipping box. If you’d like to receive the individual products in one of our Signature Box, you may choose to add it to your cart. Depending on the quantity of items in your order, some items may not fit in the Signature Box, so they may ship separately.

Gift Boxes

How do I order a Gift Box??

Only Bon Appétit Box allows you the unique ability to purchase both Gift Boxes & Non-Gift Boxes in a single checkout. You can even purchase Gift Subscriptions and have them delivered directly to your recipient’s address!

To purchase both Single Gift Boxes or Subscription Gift Boxes, simply browse our Gifts, select your products, and add them to the cart the same way you would a standard product.

You’ll notice that our Gifts have some extra fields, including “RECEIVE A PRINTABLE PURCHASE CERTIFICATE?” and “SHIP THIS BOX TO MY GIFT RECIPIENT”. These are both unique options that make it super easy for our customers to purchase and send their gift items. The “RECEIVE A PRINTABLE PURCHASE CERTIFICATE?” option provides a lovely, printable PDF certificate that you can present to your recipient in lieu of their first box delivery (used mainly for gift subscriptions). And our “SHIP THIS BOX TO MY GIFT RECIPIENT” option allows you to specify your recipient’s name and address to have their gift product shipped directly to them.

For more details on these options, please review these sections below.

How do Gift Subscriptions work??

Our Gift Subscriptions work exactly the same as our standard Subscriptions, but with the addition of a couple of extra options just for gift-giving. Please see below for descriptions of these special features.

Printable Purchase Certificate

This option was designed specifically for our Gift Subscriptions, although it’s also available for Single Gift Boxes as well. Our Printable Purchase Certificate is a lovely printable PDF with your recipient’s name and a short personal message printed on it. It’s meant to be presented to your recipient in lieu of their first subscription box. It’s basically a handsome way of presenting your Gift Subscription in cases where their first box has not yet arrived.

For more information about the Printable Purchase Certificate, please see the next question below.

What is my Printable Purchase Certificate??

Only Bon Appétit Box offers this unique option, which is essentially a beautifully designed, printable certificate to present to your gift recipient in lieu of their Bon Appétit Box.

Why would I need this?

The Printable Purchase Certificate is useful in situations where you need to present your gift to your recipient, but the box is in transit. With Gift Subscriptions, for example, you would most likely specify to have the boxes sent directly to your recipient, right? But maybe you don’t want them to arrive beforehand and ruin the surprise. In such a case, you would present this lovely printed Purchase Certificate, which declares the product and recipient’s name, and includes an optional personal message from you.

How do I get my Printable Purchase Certificate?

On any of our Gift products, you’ll see the extra options to include your Purchase Certificate. If you are purchasing a Gift Subscription, please note that the Purchase Certificate only becomes visible after you’ve selected your desired boxes from the drop down menus. Before clicking “Add to Cart”, just fill in your recipient’s name and the optional personal message, and then select your preferred certificate design. Tip: you can click the certificate thumbnails for a larger view of the details.

Once you’ve completed checkout with your gift products, your Printable Purchase Certificate will be attached to your email receipt in PDF format. Simply download or open the PDF and print it from your own printer. You can also retrieve the PDF from your user account on Bon Appétit Box.

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Do you offer in-box Custom Note Cards??

Yes! To add a customized note card, check the box next to “


What shipping carrier(s) do you use??

All products are shipped via UPS. At checkout, you can choose from:

  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 3-Day
Do you offer bulk shipping discounts??

Yes! All orders over $100 are always FREE. And sometimes we offer other bulk shipping discounts in conjunction with this running offer.

After I purchase my boxes, when will they ship??

All purchases are shipped within 5 days of ordering, Monday – Friday. This includes both Single Boxes and Subscription Boxes.

For Subscription Boxes, please note that your subsequent box(es) are shipped in 30 day intervals from the date your first box was shipped.

Can I request a specific ship date for a Gift Box??

We are currently working on adding this feature the product pages. In the meantime, please Contact Us with your request and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Do you ship outside the US??

Because of the nature of our products (ie foods), we’re unable to ship outside of the contiguous United States.

How do I report an issue with my order??

If, for any reason, you encounter an issue with your box(es), please contact right away via our Contact Page. Please be sure to include the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. A valid, working email address
  3. Order number
  4. Brief description of the issue

We will respond asap.