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French Mints or The Anis de Flavigny available online at Bon Appétit Box

French Mints

The Anis de Flavigny is a delicious anise candy confectioned for centuries in the small village of Flavigny. This delightful sweet is prepared by pouring layers of warm sugar syrup, flavored with natural mint extracts, over a small aniseed.

During the 8th century, monks in the Flavigny abbey conceived the idea of covering the aniseed with sugar. Today, in the very same abbey in Flavigny, Anise confections are prepared with the very same authentic and all natural recipe used for the past four centuries.

A word from the artisan – “This artisanal hard candy is meant to be slowly savored, so as to fully appreciate the long-lasting aroma and flavor.”

Made in France

Weight: 1.75 oz

Ingredients: sugar, natural flavoring, green aniseed

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