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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Champagne

As you probably know, wine is more than just a passion for French people, it’s a lifestyle. Only a few decades ago, French schools were offering water mixed with wine at lunch -kind of the French version of a soda! In vino veritas, as the popular Latin saying goes. And today, as a French wine lover, I’ve got 3 truths of my own about that liquid grape goodness. The must of the must: Champagne! 1. It was discovered by a (now famous) French monk: Dom Pierre Pérignon During the Middle Ages, the best vineyards were originally owned by monasteries. As an early advocate of organic wine-making, Dom Pierre Pérignon accidentally produced a specific type of sparkling wine, champagne, in the late 17th century while experimenting new methods of wine-making….

3 Perfect Wine & Appetizer pairings

When I’m back in Alsace (Northeastern France), I like to invite my friends for dinner at my house. What I enjoy the most is the appetizer: tasty spreads on fresh Baguette and wine to pair with everything. I remember how pleasant it is to taste decadent Cheeses and delicious toasts along with a glass of good wine, sitting on the sofa and chatting with my girlfriends. It is super easy to make, so you have no excuses to skip the appetizer! The Apéritif gives the first impression of the coming meal… so it needs to be PARFAIT! Here is my guide for the 3 Best Wine & Food pairings to enjoy during the French Happy Hour: l'Apéritif.   Did you know that green and black olives actually...

Holiday Wine Pairings

I noticed that for most of the people pairing wine and food is not the easiest task to do at a dinner. Alas, I totally suck at cooking anything other than pasta, but I absolutely love to find the perfect wine to enhance and highlight the best of a dish. Thanks to my father, I had a great wine training – he works in the wine industry in the South of France - and I’m so happy to take over the blog to share with you a few pairing ideas to celebrate the Holidays with some French wine, of course!   The best wine & food pairing for the Holidays Cheers! YOU MAY ALSO LIKE... Bertrand Corp He is the co-founder of Bon Appétit Box....