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3 Ways To Enjoy Your Mushrooms

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I love mushrooms! Love love love them! They’re just one of those foods that not only tastes good, but are also good for you- and who doesn’t love that, right?! Well, in honor of my obsession with mushrooms, I will share with you 3 new ways to use mushrooms so you can include these to the list of the 1,000 dishes you can add these gems to.

Stuff them with Tapenade

If you’re looking for a fun appetizer idea, grab a dozen of baby bella mushrooms, remove the stems and fill the cap with Green Olive Tapenade and add cheese to taste . Place them on a baking tray and cook for 20 mins in 400 degrees. Et Voila!

Garlic mushroom tartine

For a filling and simple something on-the-go, chop one large Portobello mushroom into small pieces and sautee with freshly diced garlic into olive oil. Spread on a half-slice 6-inch baguette and top with grated Parmegiano cheese. Delicious!

Mushroom pasta with Eggplant and Red Pepper sauce

Swap out your tomato sauce and toss your pasta with Eggplant & Red Pepper Bruschetta Sauce, add Shiitake mushrooms, spinach and red pepper flakes if you’re up for a little kick ! 

Bon Appétit!



Julia was born in Vietnam and has been in San Francisco for 12 years. She developed a love for different foods through her travels and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the best local and global eateries. In her free time, she likes to unwind at home with a book and some music.

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