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3 Perfect Wine & Appetizer pairings


When I’m back in Alsace (Northeastern France), I like to invite my friends for dinner at my house. What I enjoy the most is the appetizer: tasty spreads on fresh Baguette and wine to pair with everything. I remember how pleasant it is to taste decadent Cheeses and delicious toasts along with a glass of good wine, sitting on the sofa and chatting with my girlfriends. It is super easy to make, so you have no excuses to skip the appetizer! The Apéritif gives the first impression of the coming meal… so it needs to be PARFAIT!

Here is my guide for the 3 Best Wine & Food pairings to enjoy during the French Happy Hour: l’Apéritif.


Did you know that green and black olives actually come from the same tree?! The difference is maturation. The green olive, which is grabbed before maturation, is fresher and juicier than the black one.

What is the perfect matching wine?

Rosé for sure! Green Olive Tapenade is flavorful, with a bright acidity, and a juicy texture. It tastes wonderfully with a light and balanced wine. With its soft fruity taste, Rosé brings freshness and flavor of Provence to your appetizer.

One tip between us: Serve it chilled. It’s way better!

Why do we love this pairing?

It totally represents the South of France, a delicate taste of olive on grilled bread along with a light, yet fruity wine. Just close your eyes, and imagine yourself walking in lavender fields. At sunset, find the perfect spot to enjoy your glass of wine.


Spread on crispy Baguette, Duck Rillettes is considered as the most authentic appetizer in France. Rougié artisans are slowly cooking the Duck breast for hours in a delicious mix of white wine and aromatic herbs. This slow cooking technic gives to this spread its breathtaking taste of French countryside.

What is the perfect matching wine?

Pinot Noir is one of the most famous and oldest wine in France. This grape variety reveals a delicate taste of fruits, above all cherry and blackberry aromas. Once in your mouth, it will release its complexity and its silky texture. This wine is perfect to enhance the subtle taste of Duck Rillettes.

Why do we love this pairing?

The delicate marriage of fruity red wine from wonderful Burgundy and authentic Rillettes from Périgord will give you an amazing experience of France! This pairing combines the best that France has to offer.


French Pâté origins date back to the Middle Ages. At that time, French kings often organized banquets and extravagant feasts where they enjoyed a lot of different decorated Pâtés. The one we selected is a delicious Duck and Pork Pâté with Orange, that brings an appreciated clean and bright finish.

What is the perfect matching wine?

Cabernet-Sauvignon would be the one: it is almost always a winner with French Charcuterie, and especially with Pâté! Known for its strong taste, Cabernet- Sauvignon is a full-bodied wine and one of the most iconic red wine in France. Associating dark fruit flavors such as black currant, and an elegant wooden taste, this wine has to be enjoyed over and over.

Why do we love this pairing?

Cabernet-Sauvignon and Pâté with Orange have exactly the same sensitive profile: a powerful profile with hints of fruit. You will be impressed by this pairing, it seems like they were meant to be savored together!


Spread on crunchy Baguette, open your bottle of wine and VOILA! Your journey to France begins now, enjoy ?


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Photo Credit: Matt Armendariz


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Marie was born in the East of France, in Strasbourg precisely, but she used to live in a lot of gourmet cities across France : the Mustard capital Dijon, Toulouse, the cradle of foie-gras , and finally Paris. Now that she has moved to San Francisco, she wants to share her knowledge and passion about the French Cuisine.

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