About Bon Appétit Box

Bon Appétit Box aims to please the refined palette and introduce adventurous foodies to the purest French gourmet experience this side of the pond. Born of genuine passion for great food, Bon Appétit Box was founded by French epicureans, Zoé and Bertrand with a simple goal: to share their expertise and zeal for French terroir delicacies with American taste buds!

Based in San Francisco, California, Zoé & Bertrand have cultivated their simple idea with each thoughtfully curated Bon Appétit Box. Every Bon Appétit Box consists of the finest offerings, representing different regions of France, as well as particular customs of the French culture. It’s a fun, exciting, and new culinary endeavor that offers something for everyone: savory, sweet, bold, piquant, smooth, tasty, fragrant, and always deliciously authentic!

Born and raised in the south of France, both Zoé and Bertrand are avid gourmet food enthusiasts. Southern France, in particular, imbues a special kind of gourmet fare that emphasizes authenticity, tradition, quality local ingredients, and of course, the richest and most savory flavors. The exclusivity of the foods of this region derive from guarded family recipes often passed down through generations, as is common of the beloved terroir brands from this region. Zoé and Bertrand have carefully chosen their favorite delicacies from the southern French region of Provence to compose the Provence Apéritif Box – a dreamy, French Mediterranean culinary experience.

Zoé and Bertrand also spent years exploring the culinary offerings of Paris; the world capital of fine, gourmet food. Paris is renowned for its aptitude for exquisite foods and a drive to heighten the culinary experience. Zoé and Bertrand have captured the essence of Parisian dining in the Paris Apéritif Box – featuring scrumptious, adventurous, and bold delicacies originating from the heart of Paris.

A true à la Française culinary experience consists of more than the satisfying enjoyment of delicious foods. The French culture also honors a number of unique dining rituals, which have culminated throughout France’s colorful history, and continues to embrace new, progressive customs. Zoé and Bertrand created the Café Gourmand and French Breakfast Boxes to celebrate the commingling of cherished French customs, both old and new. The Café Gourmand and French Breakfast Boxes feature a mix of sweet goodies, each representing a different French custom with detailed info included in each box.

From the ancestral Apéritif ritual, to the modern Café Gourmand, Bon Appétit Box allows you to experience the flavors and traditions of France in a unique and fun way! Within each box, you will find a delicious array of goodies perfect for picnicking, before-dinner socializing, or as a well-deserved treat just for yourself. Every box includes detailed cards telling the story of the products within – origins, craftsmen, anecdotes, and tasting tips. Simply open your Bon Appétit Box and allow yourself to be whisked away on a French culinary adventure.

Your journey to France begins right now!