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5 Favorites in Every French Bakery

Any pastry lover like me knows that France is home to some of the best. It’s no trouble finding them either, since there is practically a boulangerie on every street. When I visited Paris I was thrilled to stop by one every day, sometimes more than once a day. With so many options, the hardest part of going to a French bakery can be deciding what to order, so let’s go through some of my favorites with these 5!


You may have had French bread before, but you haven’t lived until you’ve had a warm baguette fresh from the bakery oven. Enjoy a slice (or a loaf) with butter, jam, cheese, or with a dinner entree. It’s simple enough, but still no bread compares to a baguette in France.


Au Beurre is French for “with butter” and that’s all you’ll need to know when ordering a croissant, because you’re most likely already familiar with these buttery layers rolled up and baked in the shape of a crescent. Croissants are an iconic part of the French experience, for both locals and visitors. I can honestly say I’ve had the best croissants in my life in France, so it’s understandable why this one is an obvious favorite. I also recommend a croissant au chocolat, or “a croissant with chocolate” for an even sweeter bite.


This one goes to the savory side. Fougasse is a handmade airy flatbread, formed like a lattice or a leaf-shape, with herbs, and various other toppings like bacon, cheese, olives, and more baked into the bread. Carbs never tasted so flavorful.


The best companion to your tea or coffee are these petite sponge-cakes. Madeleines make a delightful addition to breakfast and brunch, but I’ll warn you, they can be addicting.

Oursons Au Chocolat-

Ourson is the French word for bear cub, and these chocolate-covered marshmallow candies get their name from their bear shape. While they aren’t technically a pastry, these adorable characters can still be found at the counter of a bakery, and they’re irresistible for both kids and adults.


Which pastry is your favorite and which will you order on your next trip to a French bakery? Let us know in the comments!


Bon Appétit!


Mathew is from California and grew up in the Bay Area. His interests include music, art, and breakfast foods. During his free time, you’ll find him baking, attending concerts, or exploring new places locally and around the world. His favorite places to be are anywhere with a fantastic view.

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